How DIY Training Videos Changed The eCommerce Industry

Business has evolved and has turned into the Internet for more influence and a wider audience reach. Since the world of today is moving and adjusting together with the innovations of technology, it has been typical for both big and small industries to have a presence on the Web, connecting with millions of people around the world.

Online retailers have made their way into the cyber bandwagon by signing up in social networking sites and even making their own websites. But a popular option now is making DIY or Do It Yourself videos for clients and potential ones through YouTube and other video domains.

Even so, many shop owners and proprietors are still adamant about taking this step, due to inexperience and unfamiliarity. These are normal fears but in business, one is inclined to take risks. Concerns for content, production, equipment, shooting and editing are present, proving that video making can be complicated, but overcoming this can bring you closer to your audience. They will get to know your business even better, leading them to trust and invest in you more.

DIY is very helpful for customers too since you are opening up and offering assistance to them and for free at that! In this way, you are also posing that even as a business, you can lead them to save money and just do the job themselves (it can still benefit you because others are not just keen on carrying out work and will  hopefully hire you instead). Image is important and just with this move, you establish a reliable one.

Take for example, you are a window blinds company. Many are buying their own for their homes but they do not have any know how on installation and the like. A good boost for your business would be to make a video on DIY fitted blinds. Your video’s subject does not have to be complicated. Be straightforward and clear. Showcase your products and services well.

A bonus is that you can also advertise yourself by putting your Internet links and contact information, usually at the end of the videos. You can save on advertising then, right?

Supposing that these training videos just does not appeal to you because of the time and effort that must be devoted to it, there are video makers who can formulate one for you. Of course, you have to note that it will cost you money.

With a good script, sufficient lighting, a skilled speaker, stable camera coverage, professional editing and most importantly, great products, the eCommerce industry is really thriving due to these DIY training videos. Then again, much planning and deliberation must be done for each one.

Success online can be conditional; some may flourish faster than others. But it still stands that you should set your business apart from everyone, and maybe a video can do that for you. Providing products and services of topnotch quality is a major factor too. Moreover, catering to what your target audience wants is essential.

Videos: The Teacher’s Best Assistant for Teaching Children and Adults

teachingWhen you are trying to learn how to cook a dish, what would be the easiest way to learn? Would it be helpful to see the list of ingredients and instructions on how to cook the dish, or would it be a lot easier if you see a video to demonstrate how to cook the specific dish that interests you?

Many of the troubleshooting needs of individuals are now available online. Those who prefer to watch an actual demonstration of how to fix or make something are easily learned through videos. Indeed, video recording has been one of the best assistant for teachers and other professions as well.


There are many ways that a teacher can use the video to teach both children and adults. Human beings learn best by imitation through visual appreciation or observation. As such, utilization of this medium will greatly help teachers in teaching lessons for the day. However, the teacher should take the following steps in making sure that the video he or she integrates in the teaching session is appropriate and relevant:

Check the lesson plan for the day. It is essential that the teacher does not choose videos for class presentation for convenience. It is vital that the video presented to the class relates to the current topic. For instance, if the topic for the day is about the role of preserving the environment in preserving human existence, then it should show as such.

Source out videos. There are online videos that the teacher can download. These videos should be watched by the teacher in full before deciding to show to the class. Descriptions and annotations should be present even if downloaded videos do not have them.

Create Videos. Conferences, training and seminars that the teacher has attended may also be recorded for future references. Such training and seminars are usually recorded and may be available upon request in a school library. If the full video is too long, the part that is related to the subject matter being discussed should be captured and presented accordingly.

When the teacher has prepared all the materials that he or she will need to present to the class, he should be careful in presenting the video. It should not be the focus of the lesson, but instead it should entice participation and achievement of the day’s lesson’s objectives. The following phase should be observed to achieve retention and critical thinking skills:

Preview of the video. Before presenting the video to the class, the teacher should be able to provide a short preview of the video. In the preview, she should also describe what the video is all about and its relation to the lesson. There should also be instructions as to the next activities that will follow for transition of video viewing to the discussion part.

Viewing Phase. During this phase, the teacher should go around the classroom and look out for someone who may not be interested. The attention of such student should not be called during this phase. However, if the student is keeping others from focusing on watching the video, the student should be asked to sit in the front or be requested to go out.

Post-Viewing Phase. After the class has seen the entire video, an activity may follow. This could be in the form of group discussion to synthesize the concept discussed in the video. Students can form their own small groups, discuss important points of the video amongst themselves, then discuss openly with the entire class with the teacher as the facilitator. The student who was not focused on watching the video may be asked first hand as to why he thinks the video is not interesting. This should not be addressed as a fault of the student, but a point to remember on the uniqueness of each learner. The reason for not focusing on the video being watched should be noted and evaluated as to its impact on the choice of the teacher when it comes to sourcing out related videos.

In cases where there is limited time for a video, the teacher can provide a link to the students where they can watch the video at home. A reaction paper or questions to answer can be provided to ensure that each student watch the video assigned.

This process of using video in augmenting teaching can help the students in learning at home, should classes be suspended during extreme weather conditions or any other force of nature. Learning doesn’t have to stop because the weather is not good. It is a continuous process.

Top Video Sharing Sites You’ll Love

No doubt, you only go to YouTube to upload videos, right? Well, it’s a wide wide web and other video sharing sites are available for you to visit and perhaps come to like or love as you share your precious videos specially if you are to prepare a post-event video of what just happened. It’s a great way to do an ad too.

Vimeo charges an amount for you to upload your video sans any ads. Could be suitable for uploading high quality webinars or vlogs.



Music artists and lovers recommend Vevo for its HD performance. Thing is, the site is blocked in some regions and videos are laden with ads.



Flickr is not just for sharing photos or images, it also host video sharing. Check it out. A free account lets you add two videos a month though. If you want to upload as many videos, the paid account is the option.



With over 40million viewers a month, it is becoming a popular site to upload and watch videos. If you upload a real cool video and get 1,000 views, metacafe pays you$5. Do the math for Gangnam Style.



We need to laugh everyday! lol. In that aspect, BREAK is the answer. An very popular site for funny and humorous videos. Uploading in their site has many advantages like adding an album to your video.


Simple Self Defense Techniques for the Elderly

Growing OldHow many movies have you watched with this type of setting: An elderly walking along a nearly deserted street or alley, where he or she is an ideal victim for the delinquents of society. If the elderly are still capable of going out alone, then he or she is definitely capable of defending himself.

Reaching the age of sixties onwards, senior citizens will spend most of their time at home or going to places they did not have time to go before when they were still working. Now that they have all the time in the world, you can expect to see them in shopping malls, parks as well as art museums. When these senior citizens do not have any companion with them, they are the usual targets for social delinquents, especially at alleys and inner streets. A senior citizen that is capable of going out alone, he or she is capable of defending himself or herself through the following techniques:

  1. If you use a walking stick, this can serve to deter anyone who would plan to get your wallet or bag. Unarmed felons will think twice when they see that their prospective victim has something in their hands to protect themselves. An umbrella on the other hand, can also serve as a weapon against the crook.
  2. Carry a whistle in your purse or in your pocket, or better yet, loop it on a string and use it as a necklace or key chain. The secret to its effective use is vigilance or being aware of your surroundings. If you believe that someone is following you, then you can blow it to attract attention. By doing so, the crook will think twice about approaching you or of carrying out his plan. However, if you don’t have a whistle, you can try to attract attention by selling to people nearby, pretending you know them. If this is not feasible, you can go to a nearby place where there are lots of people. Avoid walking or staying at a place that is nearly deserted.
  3. If you have experienced being mauled or robbed in a public place or at home, or you know anyone, it is normal to feel anxious whenever you come home late. As such, you could consider oundle care for the elderly. By having adult and able bodied companions at home, the elderly can feel much safer.
  4. If you have a pepper spray, this can also help to temporarily render an assailant unable to see clearly or breathe properly. Presence of mind is important so that you can take advantage of his surprise to run for help or find anything to physically defend yourself.
  5. Lastly, a woman’s bag contains many things that can help to defend herself, young or old. A sharpened pencil or ball point pen can be used as a weapon. Another weapon that you can use is the bag itself. If you are fond of bags that are crafted with hard exterior, this is definitely sufficient to defend yourself.

Nevertheless, the most important thing about defending yourself is assessing the success of using any object on hand to protect yourself. If the assailant is armed, you should never try to resist. Instead, give in for the meantime and when the assailant took a run with your valuables, you can immediately scream for help. On the other hand, to prevent such incident from happening, why not avail oundle home care services for the elderly?

Teaching Gardening to Kids

kids in the gardenEver wonder why children were taught gardening in school? Gardening imbibes many important values to children like patience, caring, valuing the role of nature in human existence, as well as protection and nurturing of the environment. Not all children may show interest in learning through gardening. As such, parents and teachers should work hand in hand to make the kids learn the values from gardening. The following methods can be utilized:

Colorful visual aids. Children are natural visual learners. Their interest gets piqued when you show colorful and new things to them. Take advantage of their curiosity. Showing them the different seeds of plants and helping them identify would be a great experience for them. You can also show different colors of kid-friendly gardening

Invite actual people who do gardening to talk in the class. Who is in a better position to speak about gardening? No other than the gardeners and landscapers themselves, right? Why not invite some coventry garden designers to show beautiful pictures of gardens and talk about their job as well. Observe how children will react to them and pay special attention to those who seem to show no interest at all. Determine the reason for the non-interest and try to look for ways on how to encourage such children in participating.

Games. One of the best ways to help children participate in learning gardening is through games. You can have them put different parts of a plant on the board or assemble a puzzle game using plant pictures. Have them compete with each other in groups as they try to care for a plant. These activities will help them value camaraderie, leadership and team cooperation.

Videos about plants. As mentioned above, children are visual learners. Have them watch a video of plants caught while blooming flowers or bearing fruit. Secure some local garden design in coventry video to help them appreciate the beauty of nature. Afterwards, ask the class about their reaction on the video they watched.

Reward system. When you assign children to do gardening, have them pick the fruits as well. Make a shake out of the fruits in class, or create a salad from the garden produce they picked themselves. This will help them better understand and see the benefit one can get from gardening. Another way to give reward is to recognize them during school programs. Provide certificates or plaques for them to show off and watch how they become more eager with each gardening class session you have.

Involve the parents. Have a family day that will involve the children and their parents working for some amount of time in the garden. This will help the kids value gardening as a family activity and enjoy the activity as well.

Parade. Have the children create home-made mascots and costumes or slogans to use in the parade. It will help to imbibe awareness in the importance of nature and gardening to your students as well as to the children who will be watching the parade.

What Does the Video Say?

Why do videos uploaded in YouTube go viral? Remember, “Gangnam Style”? Even the singer PSY wonders. As of this posting, the music video has been viewed 1.9 billion times on YouTube.  He claims that he inquired psychologists to find out why the video went viral. The explanation was that it has something to do with the rhythm of the song that touches a nerve in the listener’s brain. Imagine a Korean singer doing a dance that seems to be riding a horse. Why even the dance has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song.

Last year, a song called ‘The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) has become such a hit (more than 400 million views) even Ellen DeGeneres sang with the two Norwegian brothers in her show. A song that purrs, howls and barks has made people mindlessly sing the tune. These popular duo known as the Ylvis brothers are well known comedians in Norway. Releasing the video was intended to be a joke. They meant to show their viewers how they used a world famous production team, Stargate (who has produced Rihanna’s Diamond) to come up with a song about animals or specifically asking what does the fox say?

Seemingly, the answer to what the fox says has something to do with weed (as gathered by Ellen from the brothers). Watch the answer yourself.

What is the formula for a video to go viral? There are no well-defined steps apparently. Anyone can upload a video and hit the spot among viewers. What is clear is the definition of viral. A video becomes viral when a video has been viewed more than 5 million times within a 3 to 7 days period. The thing is, “48 hours of videos are being uploaded every minute”. Talk about competition. Kevin Alloca of YouTube breaks it down for us in his TED talk. Somehow, it gives us an answer WHY it becomes viral.

Do you have an idea why videos go viral? Do these viral videos define pop culture as a whole?